AusCycling | AusCycling announces athlete categorisations for 2022

AusCycling announces athlete categorisations for 2022


AusCycling is pleased to confirm the athletes categorised as Podium, Podium Ready, Podium Potential, Developing or Emerging in the disciplines of track endurance (a combination of both road and track), track sprint, road, BMX racing, BMX freestyle, mountain bike XCO and para-cycling for 2022. 

The categorisation framework contains 77 Podium, Podium Ready and Podium Potential categorised athletes, 43 Emerging athletes and 35 Developing athletes from all state and territory institutes and academies of sport which form the AusCycling High-Performance Network (HPN).  

Australian Cycling Team Interim Performance Director Jesse Korf congratulated all categorised athletes and wished them well for the coming year.

Korf explained the categorisation process and framework as a process not unique to cycling.

"It is a process, or a tool if you will, that is instituted by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), and it's essentially a framework with a couple of different tiers," he said.

"There are several different steps towards reaching the podium and the Emerging categorisation level is the first one of those.

“Effectively it's a process where we look at performances and performance trends to get an understanding of where somebody is in their journey towards the podium and whether or not individuals have evidence for a bridgeable gap towards a future podium performance.

"Anybody who is categorised is eligible (for support) no matter which discipline – although, because this is an AIS system – the only disciplines in which we do categorisation are those which are Olympic sports.

"This means that athletes can gain access to, or receive a scholarship from state institutes; allowing support in aspects such as strength and conditioning, physiology, nutrition and sports psychology.

"There might be a financial support component which is tied to the tiers. So, the further up you go in that framework, the more financial support is available.

"It's important to note categorisation does not mean national team selection – the two are separate."

The key objective of the HPN is to develop and prepare the athletes for a successful progression into the Australian Cycling Team's Podium Potential, Podium Ready and Podium categories. Whether that is residential programs or professional careers.

This process is based on the AIS National Athlete Categorisation Framework (NACF).

The NACF has been developed to provide a consistent basis, both within and across sports to:

  • Identify the athletes with the greatest potential to contribute to Australia consistently winning medals at major international events;

  • Inform the prioritisation of support to these athletes; and

  • Track their performance over time.

By the numbers

  • 10 athletes from the disciplines of track endurance, track sprint, BMX racing, BMX freestyle and para-cycling have been elevated from podium potential to podium ready in 2022.
  • 19 new faces categorised as emerging or developing athletes in BMX freestyle, BMX racing, mountain XCO, road and para-cycling in November 2021.
  • 19 additions to the podium potential level of categorisation from track endurance, track sprint, BMX racing, para-cycling and mountain bike XCO.
  • 77 athletes in total across podium, podium ready and podium potential categorisation.
  • 5 retiring athletes (Annette Edmondson, Kaarle McCulloch, Lucy Kennedy, Leigh Howard and Anthony Dean).

Athlete Categorisations – January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

Podium, Podium Ready and Podium Potential Athletes

Track – Women's Endurance

Podium Ready

  • Alex Manly SA

  • Ashlee Ankudinoff NSW

  • Chloe Moran SA

  • Georgia Baker TAS

  • Maeve Plouffe SA

  • Ruby Roseman-Gannon VIC

  • Sophie Edwards SA

Podium Potential

  • Alex Martin-Wallace QLD

  • Amber Pate SA

  • Alyssa Polites VIC

  • Lauren Perry TAS

Track – Men's Endurance


  • Alex Porter SA

  • Kelland O'Brien VIC

  • Lucas Plapp VIC

  • Sam Welsford WA

Podium Ready

  • Josh Duffy TAS

  • Conor Leahy WA

  • Cameron Meyer WA

Podium Potential

  • Graeme Frislie VIC

  • James Moriarty QLD

  • Jensen Plowright VIC

  • Patrick Eddy VIC

Track – Men's Sprint

Podium Ready

  • Matthew Richardson WA

  • Matthew Glaetzer SA

  • Nathan Hart ACT

  • Thomas Cornish NSW

Podium Potential

  • Carlos Carisimo SA

  • Daniel Barber NSW

  • James Brister SA

  • Leigh Hoffman SA

Track – Women's Sprint

Podium Ready

  • Kristina Clonan QLD

Podium Potential

  • Alessia McCaig VIC

  • Kalinda Robinson NSW

Road - Women

Podium Ready

  • Amanda Spratt NSW

  • Grace Brown VIC

Podium Potential

  • Sarah Gigante VIC

  • Chloe Hosking ACT

Road – Men


  • Rohan Dennis SA

Podium Ready

  • Caleb Ewan NSW

  • Michael Matthews ACT

Podium Potential

  • Jack Haig VIC

  • Lucas Hamilton VIC

  • Ben O'Connor WA

  • Harry Sweeny QLD

  • Carter Turnbull VIC

  • Jay Vine QLD



  • Amanda Reid NSW

  • Carol Cooke VIC

  • Emily Petricola VIC

  • Paige Greco SA

  • Meg Lemon SA

  • Alistair Donohoe VIC

  • Darren Hicks SA

  • David Nicholas QLD

Podium Ready

  • Emilie Miller NSW

  • Hannah Macdougall VIC

  • Gordon Allan NSW

  • Grant Allen SA

  • Michael Shippley QLD

  • Stuart Jones NSW

Podium Potential

  • Kaitlyn Schurmann SA

  • Kyle Willis QLD

  • Stuart Tripp VIC

  • Alex Welsh VIC

Mountain Bike XCO

Podium Ready

  • Rebecca McConnell ACT

Podium Potential

  • Cameron Wright QLD

  • Sam Fox TAS

BMX Racing

Podium Ready

  • Saya Sakakibara NSW

  • Lauren Reynolds WA

  • Izaac Kennedy QLD

Podium Potential

  • Josh Mclean QLD

  • Matt Krasevskis QLD

  • Max Cairns QLD

BMX Freestyle


  • Logan Martin QLD

Podium Ready

  • Natalya Diehm QLD

  • Brandon Loupos QLD

  • Josh Matthews QLD

Developing and Emerging Athletes - Track Endurance, Track Sprint, Road, BMX Freestyle, BMX Racing, MTB XCO and Para Tandem


  • Angus Miller Endurance SA

  • Ashlee Jones Endurance VIC

  • Alec Daneluti BMX Freestyle VIC

  • Beau Wootton Para Tandem SA

  • Bill Simpson Endurance VIC

  • Blake Quick Endurance QLD

  • Byron Davies Sprint QLD

  • Cameron Rogers Endurance ACT

  • Daniel Gandy Endurance NSW

  • Declan Trezise Endurance QLD

  • Devraj Grewal Endurance NSW

  • Domenic Paolilli MTB XCO VIC

  • Emily Watts Endurance NSW

  • Francesca Sewell Endurance QLD

  • Georgia Whitehouse Endurance NSW

  • Henry Dietze Endurance VIC

  • John Trovas Sprint NSW

  • Josh Dove BMX Freestyle QLD

  • Jordan Villani Endurance VIC

  • Josie Talbot Endurance NSW

  • Katarina Chung-Orr Endurance SA

  • Kurt Eather Endurance NSW

  • Kyle Hill BMX Racing QLD

  • Liam Walsh Endurance QLD

  • Liliana McLennan Endurance QLD

  • Lucinda Stewart Endurance VIC

  • Maxwell Liebeknecht Sprint SA

  • Matthew Dinham MTB XCO NSW

  • Michael Storer Road WA

  • Ned Pollard Sprint VIC

  • Oliver Bleddyn Endurance SA

  • Rohan Haydon-Smith Endurance NSW

  • Sam Gallagher Sprint VIC

  • Zac Marriage Endurance SA

  • Zoe Cuthbert MTB XCO ACT


  • Alexander Jones Endurance VIC

  • Alli Anderson Endurance SA

  • Aston Freeth Endurance SA

  • Ben Anderson Endurance NSW

  • Blake Agnoletto Endurance VIC

  • Claudia Marcks Endurance ACT

  • Dalton Stretton Endurance TAS

  • Deneaka Blinco Sprint QLD

  • Des'ree Barnes Sprint QLD

  • Dylan Stanton Sprint SA

  • Dylan Eather Endurance NSW

  • Ella Sibley Sprint SA

  • Emma Stevens Sprint QLD

  • Hamish McKenzie Endurance TAS

  • Haylee Fuller Endurance NSW

  • Isabelle Carnes Endurance QLD

  • Isabella Flint MTB XCO TAS

  • Jack Menzies Endurance TAS

  • Jack Davis BMX Racing NSW

  • Jarrah Anderson Sprint ACT

  • Joel Dodds MTB XCO QLD

  • John Carter Endurance WA

  • Jordan Callum BMX Racing WA

  • Keegan Pryor BMX Freestyle QLD

  • Keira Will Endurance NSW

  • Lauren Bates Endurance ACT

  • Leo Zimmermann Endurance SA

  • Lily Stratford Sprint ACT

  • Matt Tidswell BMX Racing SA

  • Meg Marker Endurance SA

  • Noah Blannin Endurance QLD

  • Oliver Moran BMX Racing NSW

  • Oscar Chamberlain Endurance ACT

  • Ryan Elliott Sprint QLD

  • Sarah Cliff Endurance NSW

  • Sienna Pal BMX Racing NSW

  • Sophie Marr Endurance VIC

  • Teya Rufus BMX Racing QLD

  • Tommy Tucker BMX Racing QLD

  • Tyler Puzicha Sprint NSW

  • Will Holmes Endurance SA

  • Will Spedding BMX Freestyle NSW

  • William Eaves Endurance TAS

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