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BMX Riders Selected for the AusCycling Development Academies


The first-ever riders, managers, and coaches for the AusCycling Development Academies have been selected, with over 100 riders picked from every state and territory across the country.

The new AusCycling Development Academies (Academies) have been formed as a component of the pre-performance rider development pathway.

The Academies seek to identify, develop, and support riders in targeted age groups, to acquire the attributes required to progress through the performance pathways on and off the bike.

AusCycling’s BMX Sport Manager – Events and Pathways, Luke Madill, who has led the development of the BMX Racing Academies noted,

“The AusCycling Development Academies are the perfect start to ensuring that the up-and-coming riders across the country are not only being identified, but receiving equal support, training opportunities and education to help provide them with the best chance to reach their highest potential.

“The program will support Australian BMX racing to raise the bar by increasing the talent pool across the country.”

“I am excited that we now have a clearer pathway and alignment right through to the Australian Cycling Team, where I will have a close relationship working with Sam Willoughby to ensure that the riders have a stronger understanding of the goals they need to achieve,” Madill said.

"Australia has produced some of the greatest BMX talents around the globe for a long time,” National BMX Race Head Coach Sam Willoughby said.

“It is crucial that we create a clear and purposeful pathway dedicated to allowing each rider to progress and reach their full potential to gain the most opportunity and make sure no talent is slipping through the cracks or leaving the sport due to a lack of support.

“The AusCycling Development Academies are the perfect launching platform for riders to identify and provide the training and opportunities they need to develop.

“Luke and I will have a close working relationship to ensure the AusCycling Development Academy and the Australian Cycling Team are aligned to develop a world-class pathway.”

Academies are provided across the disciplines of BMX Racing, Mountain Bike (Gravity and Endurance), Road and Track (including Para). Riders may be part of one or more Academies.

The Academies provide structured training opportunities and coaching support with the aim of supporting the daily training environment of targeted riders. The target age groups, for BMX Racing are 13-18 (Junior Elite). The specific purposes of the Academies include:

  • Providing targeted training sessions or camps

  • Enhancing and complementing the primary daily training environment (DTE)

  • Developing consistent development opportunities across all States and Territories

  • Increasing the number of riders meeting key performance targets

  • Provide cross-discipline opportunities

There was a tremendous response to the Development Academy's expression of interest and AusCycling is excited to announce the managers, coaches and riders who have been selected.

Western Australia

Coach - Jade Mcpherson

Aaron Jeffery (Mandurah BMX Club)

TJ Rikihana-Gray (Rockingham BMX)

Jay Lander (Byford BMX)

Ewan Miller (Wanneroo BMX Club)

Emerson Mayger (Westside BMX Club)

Imogen Aue (Eastern Goldfields BMX Club)

Mena Banks (Southside BMX Club)

Meer Jani (Cockburn BMX Club)

Cooper Dunlop (Mandurah BMX Club)

Alyssa Howat (Westside BMX Club)

Ella Thorne (Cockburn BMX Club)

Campbell Wilson (Byford BMX Club)

Ivy Westbrook (Wanneroo BMX Club)

Eli Pantalone (Mandurah BMX Club)

Bella Pantalone (Mandurah BMX Club)

Jordan Callum (Rockingham BMX Club)

Oliver Hogan (Byford BMX Club)

Northern Territory

Manager – Tom Vidins

Coach - Nicole Thomson

Abbey Pope (Jingili BMX Club)        

Matthew Winter (Nhulunbuy BMX)

Lauren Winter  (Nhulunbuy BMX)     

Reece Cole (Red Centre BMX)   

Luke Holder (Satellite City BMX)     

Angus Roberts (Jingili BMX Club) 

Angus Luff (Nhulunbuy BMX Club) 

Georgie Luff (Nhulunbuy BMX Club)   

Jay Petre (Nhulunbuy BMX Club)   

Aiden Ellison-DeCastro (Jingili BMX Club)

South Australia

Manager – Brett Malic

Coach – Dino Rokov

Addison Cattonar (The Cove BMX Club)

Tara Fitzpatrick (Central Districts Cycling Club)

Ayden Fitzpatrick (Central Districts Cycling Club)

Stephanie Tomkins (Gawler BMX Club)

James Butson (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)

Luca Pyatt (Happy Valley BMX Club)

Billy Van Hout (Cross Keys BMX Club)

Jaiden Picken (Blue Lake BMX Club)

Amy Main (Cross Keys BMX Club)

Trey Tuffin (Happy Valley BMX Club)

Max Freeman (The Cove BMX Club)

Preston Murray (Happy Valley BMX Club)

Tyler Julyan (Happy Valley BBMX Club)

Thomas Butson (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)

Benjamin Tomkins (Gawler BMX Club)

Cannyn Hayes (Cross Keys BMX Club)

Jed Keenihan (The Cove BMX Club)

Kyle Fox (Happy Valley BMX Club)

Dontay Cooper (The Cove BMX Club)

Joel Marsh (Happy Valley BMX Club)

Imogen Healey (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)


Manager – Perry Karras

Coach – Stephen Van Anholt

Oliver Beams (Southern City BMX)

Isabelle Beams (Southern City BMX)

Saxon Van Anholt (Southern City BMX Club)

Ryan Springer (Launceston BMX Club)

Cruz Horton (Wynyard BMX Park)

Darcy Townsend (Wynyard BMX Park)

Campbell Whitney (Launceston BMX Club)

Amy Bracken (Launceston BMX Club)

Jacob French (Wynyard BMX Park)

Zeth Griffiths (Wynyard BMX Park)


Manager – Michelle Gatt

Coach – Fraser Te-Hiko

Cameron Gatt (Geelong BMX Club)

Mia Webster (Park Orchards BMX Club)

Sammy O'Grady (Bendigo BMX Club)

Stephanie Alexander (Knox BMX Club)

Austin McNair (Shepparton BMX Club)

Reegan Schafter (Knox BMX Club)

Bella May (Frankston BMX Club)

Gian Renato (Shepparton BMX Club)

Joshua Jolly (Ballarat/Sebastopol Cycling Club)

Jai Copland (Geelong BMX Club)

New South Wales/ACT

Manager – Adam Carey

Coaches – Leanna Curtis, Aiden Nemit

Assistant Coach – Kai Sakakibara

Kobe Mangan (Castle Hill BMX Club)

Danielle Fleming (Penrith BMX Club)

Ella Fairhall (Maitland Tenambit BMX Club) 

Rory Southwell (Macarthur BMX Club)

Sebastian Topping (Sydney BMX Club)

Billy Smidt (San Remo BMX Club)

Zane Bourke (Maitland Tenambit BMX Club)

Sam Liston Dennis (Castle Hill BMX Club)

Isla Basa (Macarthur BMX Club)

Noah Elton (San Remo BMX Club) 

Tyler Dening (Castle Hill BMX Club)

Jack Young (Macarthur BMX Club)

Tyler Bellamy (Maitland Tenambit BMX Club)

Harley Codd (Castle Hill BMX Club)

Milan Bradshaw (Sydney BMX Club)

Sophie Davis (Maitland Tenambit BMX Club)

AJ Donald (Macarthur BMX Club)

Sienna Pal (Terrigal BMX Club)

Georgie Venables (Maitland Tenambit BMX Club)

Tyreak Cala (Macarthur BMX Club)

Jacob Meyers (Castle Hill BMX Club)

Porschea Longbottom (Maitland Tenambit BMX Club)

Kasy Saliba (Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club)

Maddie Hayes (Tuggeranong BMX Club)

Olivia Morton (Canberra BMX Club)

Nathan Granatelli (Tuggeranong BMX Club)

Riley Williams (Tuggeranong BMX Club)

Carlo Vaccarella (Canberra BMX Club)

Cooper Sellars (Tuggeranong BMX Club)

Ryleigh Hooper (Canberra BMX Club)


Manager - TBC

Coach – Dale Percy

Holyee-Ann Jackson (Ipswich and West Moreton BMX Club)

Savannah McCormick (Centenary Plains BMX Club)

Kyarnee Young (Pine Rivers BMX Club)

Fraser Vaughan (Pine Rivers BMX Club)

Parker Henness (Nerang BMX Club)

Aiden Tillotson (Ashmore BMX Club)

Ashlyn Argent (Centenary Plains BMX Club)

Jasmine Standish (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club)

Nate Argent (Centenary Plains BMX Club)

Benjamin Schramm (Ashmore BMX Club)

Charli Guy (Ashmore BMX)

Cheralee White (Nerang BMX Club)

Oliver Rivers (Moranbah BMX Club)

Cody Manganaro (Redlands BMX Club)

Bailey Seckold (Ashmore BMX Club)

Teya Rufus (Maryborough BMX Club)

Elisha Nesbit (Cairns BMX Club)

Violet Kurz-Morris (Pine Rivers BMX Club)

Kaylan Harris (Ipswich and West Moreton BMX Club)

Connor Parish (Mackay and District BMX Club)

Zac Stoppa (Ashmore BMX Club)

Courtney Oostendorp (Ashmore BMX Club)

Isabella Schramm (Ashmore BMX Club)

Tom Tucker (Pine Rivers BMX)

Flynn Sweeney (Nerang BMX Club)

Shae McClellan (Centenary Plains BMX Club)

Jacob Moore (Centenary Plains)

Please look through the Development Academies page for further information.


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