AusCycling | 2022 AusCycling Junior Road State Championships - New South Wales

2022 AusCycling Junior Road State Championships - New South Wales

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State Competition

Event Date: Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 August 2022
Promoter: Illawarra Cycling Club

  • All Participation, U9 & U11 events will take place at Lindsay Maynes Park Unanderra On Sunday 28 August

  • All start times published below are approx. They are subject to change. Recommend riders to be at start line for marshalling a minimum of 15min prior to race start.

Saturday 27th August - Road Race

Start TimeCategoryDistance
12:00pmWarm Up 
12:20pmU13 Boys16km
12:25pmU13 Girls16km
2:15pmU15 Men32km
2:20pmU15 Women32km
3:45pmU17 Men54km
3:50pmU17 Women54km

Course: Mt Keira


Sunday 28th August - Individual Time Trial 

Individual Start Times will be posted in the week prior to racing

Participation1 Lap
U9 Riders2km
U11 Boys3km
U11 Girls3km
U13 Boys8km
U13 Girls8km
U15 Men8km
U15 Women8km
U17 Men15km
U17 Women15km

Course U9 & U11: Lindsay Maynes Park, Unanderra 

Course U13, U15, U17: Marshall Mount, Yallah - 8am First Rider

Sunday 28th August - Road Races

Start TimeCategoryDistance
10:30amParticipation2 Laps
10:35amU9 Riders3km
11:00amU11 Boys5km
11:30amU11 Girls5km

Course: Lindsay Maynes Park, Unanderra

Sunday 28th August - Criterium

Start TimeCategoryLaps / Time
12:30pmParticipation2 Laps
12:45pmU9 Riders3 Laps
1:00pmU11 Boys5 Laps
1:15pmU11 Girls5 Laps
1:30pmU13 Boys8 Laps
1:50pmU13 Girls8 Laps
2:10pmU15 Men20mins plus 3 Laps
2:45pmU15 Women20mins plus 3 Laps
3:10pmU17 Men40mins plus 3 Laps
3:55pmU17 Women40mins plus 3 Laps

Course: Lindsay Maynes Park, Unanderra 


Criterium - Lindsey Maynes Park, Unanderra


Age Categories & Eligibility

  • Participation, U9, U11, JB13, JG13, JM15, JW15, JM17, JW17.
  • Interstate riders can compete and win medals. Best place NSW rider will be recognised as the NSW Champion.
  • Age Categories for this event are as per 2022 ages effective from 1st October 2021.
  • Financial AusCycling 'Race All Discipline' members only.
  • U9 Participation event riders must hold, at minimum, a current AusCycling 'Lifestyle' membership for insurance purposes.
  • This event is not open to Temporary or Recreational Memberships.

Technical Regulations


AusCycling Championship Medals

  • Parking Mt Keira* - Map
  • Parking Marshall Mount^ - Map
  • Parking Lindsey Maynes Park, Unanderra - Map

* Parking is very limited at Mt Keira. It is requested that where possible people car pool to the event from home/Wollongong CBD, and depart as quickly as possible post event

^ We request that all competitors arriving to Marshall Mount after 8am to please arrive to start using the following route via Calderwood Road. Competitors will NOT be granted entry via Huntley Rd or Yallah Rd after 8am

      Event Registration

      • Saturday (prior to the road race) – Mt Keira 
      • Sunday morning (prior to the TT) – Either Marshall Mt Hall or Unanderra Criterium Track Depending on the age group
      • Sunday: Unanderra Criterium Track

      NB: There is no requirement to "Sign-on" at the start of each day. Once bib numbers and transponders are collected riders can simply arrive prior to their category start time and race


      Portable toilets are provided at each of the locations

      Weather conditions

      • The event will proceed as planned unless the conditions are deemed to be unsafe by the Race Organiser and Chief Commissaire on the morning of the event
      • For further information please refer to the  AusCycling Extreme Weather Policy

      Transponder and Number return

      Upon the completion of your competition: Please return race numbers and transponder to the sign on desk and have your name marked off. Please return BOTH your bib number and transponder to avoid replacement charge fee (up to $160)


        By entering my child into this event, I, as the child’s parent or guardian.

        • Acknowledge that photographs and videos of my child may be taken during the event; and
        • Give permission for AusCycling and the event promoter to record, keep, publish and display such photographs and videos of my child.

        Please note that photographs and videos of competitors may be taken during the event. Please advise AusCycling by e-mail at [email protected] if you do not give permission for the promoter and / or AusCycling to keep, publish and display photographs and videos of your child from this event.


        Soto   Wollongong Council     Illawarra Cycling Club



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