Commercial Collective Junior Tour @ Hunter

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Event Type

State Competition

Event Date: 24-25 June 2023
Promoter: Newcastle Hunter CC

2023 Northwave Junior Road Series

This event is the third round of the NSW/ACT Northwave Junior Road Series for 2023!
Riders (U13 - U17) will be able to collect points throughout the rounds which will total up to determine an overall winner after 6 rounds of competitive racing!

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Event Schedule 

Saturday 24th June - Individual Time Trial

Start TimeAge CategoryCourseDistance
9:00amRegistration Opens  
10:00amParticipation & U9A,F2kms
 Jnr Girls U11 A,B,F 2.8kms 
 Jnr Boys U11 A,B,F 2.8kms 
 Jnr Girls U13 A,B,C,F 4.0kms 
 Jnr Boys U13 A,B,C,F 4.0kms 
 Jnr Women U15 A,B,C,D,F 8kms  
 Jnr Men U15 A,B,C,D,F 8kms  
 Jnr Women U17 A,B,C,D,E,F 10.8kms 
 Jnr Men U17 A,B,C,D,E,F 10.8kms 


Road Race

Start TimeAge CategoryCourseDistance
12:15pmParticipation & U9A,F2 Laps



Start TimeAge CategoryCourseDistance
12:30pm Jnr Girls U11 and Jnr Boys U11 A,F 2 Laps 
 Jnr Girls U13 and Jnr Boys U13 A,F 10 Minutes + 2 Laps 
 Jnr Women U15 A,F 15 Minutes + 2 Laps 
 Jnr Men U15 A,F 15 Minutes + 2 Laps 
 Jnr Women U17 A,F 20 Minutes + 2 Laps 
 Jnr Men U17 A,F 20 Minutes + 2 Laps 
 Participation & U9 Combined A,F 2 Laps 

Course Map - Saturday:

Hunter Junior Tour - Course Map - Day 1

Sunday 25th June - Prologue Time Trial

Start TimesAge CategoryCourseDistance
9:00Jnr Girls U11A,F 2.2kms 
 Jnr Boys U11A,F2.2km
 Jnr Girls U13 A,B,F 2.8kms
 Jnr Boys U13 A,B,F 2.8kms
 Jnr Women U15 A,B,C,F 4kms
 Jnr Men U15 A,B,C, F 4kms
 Jnr Women U17 A,B,C,C1, F 5.8kms
 Jnr Men U17 A,B,C,C1, F 5.8kms

*Note: C1 New Road Marking in between Point C and D.

*Note: distances have been adjusted to reflect shortened distances from Day 1 Time Trial.

Road Race

Start TimesAge CategoryCourseDistance
11:00Jnr Girls U11 and Jnr Boys U11 A,B,C,D,E, F 10kms 
 Jnr Girls U13 and Jnr Boys U13 A,B,C,D,E,F,G 11.7kms 
 Jnr Women U15 A,B,C,D,E,F,G  35kms  
 Jnr Men U15 A,B,C,D,E,F,G 35kms 
 Jnr Women U17 A,B,C,D,E,F,G  58.5kms 
 Jnr Men U17 A,B,C,D,E,F,G 58.5kms 

Course Map - Sunday:

Hunter Junior Tour - Day 2 - Map

Parking & Sign on

  • Parking on-site is off the road and at your own risk
  • Please park at least 1 metre outside of the curb for rider safety
  • Please ensure you arrive for parking well before the first start after which the course will be closed to cars
  • Parking only on the right side of the road
  • Sign on is located near the start/finish line and will be open from 1 hour before competition 

Parking Area Hunter


Venue facilities

  • Please note there is  no running water  at the race start. Please ensure you bring enough water for post event
  • Portaloo's will be on sight

Course Information

HEZ Road Changes

Additional traffic furniture has been built into the road surface on the HEZ course. Given this furniture has been permanently placed into the road & can not be removed on race day the following safety measures have been put in place:

  1. All bollards and gates will be padded with hay bales & wrapped in rubber mats
  2. 100m each side of the gates will be neutralized (no attacking will be permitted)

All vehicles entering the venue will drive past this point of the course on their way to the start line

Weather conditions

The event will proceed as planned unless the conditions are deemed to be unsafe by the Race Organiser and Chief Commissaire on the morning of the event

Transponder and Number return

Upon the completion of your competition: Please return race numbers and transponder to the sign on desk and have your name marked off. Please return BOTH your bib number and transponder to avoid replacement charge fee (up to $120)

Presentations & Prizes

  • Presentations for the overall tour winners will be held at the end of the final stage, as per the schedule above. All riders in the placings must attend the presentation. There is only one presentation held per category.

Age Categories & Eligibility

  • Age Categories: U9, U11, U13, U15, U17
  • Age Categories for this event are as per 2023 ages effective from 1st October 2022
  • Financial AusCycling 'Race All Discipline' members only. 
  • This event is not open to Temporary or Recreational Memberships

Technical Regulations

Handicapping / Grading

Riders will be graded as per the NSW Handicapping Policy. There is no guarantee you will receive the grade you nominate. To avoid disappointment, please check with your club handicapper to ensure your state handicapping code is correct.

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