TAC Victorian Road Series

The TAC Victorian Road Series is a critical part of the Road Competition Structure.

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      2022 TAC Victorian Road Series

      Any participant who scores points in an event will qualify for placing within the series.

      The AusCycling Victorian Road Series points will be awarded based on the overall finishing place within each stage (Tour or one day race). Additional series points will be awarded for general classification (Tours) and standalone events as per the table below: 


      Single Stage/Standalone Event (Tour) 

      Bonus Points for General Classification (Tour) and Standalone Events 























      • Individuals will be able to accumulate points for their own ranking by placing at each event. Riders who DNF or receive a DSQ are not eligible for points.  

      Bonus Points

      No bonus points will be awarded for any rounds.

      State Series points will be calculated by adding the highest attained points from each round, based on the overall finishing place (rank) within each round PLUS any bonus points.

      Combined Categories

      In the scenario where categories have been combined at an event (for whatever reason), points will be awarded seperately. For example, if B grade is merged with A grade the riders will be separated for points in their category.

      Tie Break

      When competitors share the same number of total series points ties will be broken using the following method: 

      • The competitor with the highest number of points earned, in a single event, that counts towards their series total, is awarded the better rank.
      •         If still tied, the next highest points for each rider are compared, and so on, until all events that contribute to their series total are exhausted.
      •         If still tied, the riders will receive the same series placing.

      The Event Categories that must be conducted within each Series round and will be recognised accordingly in series points, are as listed below:



      Age Eligibility (as at December 31 2022)


      A, B, C








      Additional categories may be offered by the event organiser. These won’t be eligible for Series points.

      Category Requirements and Restrictions 

      1. Elite Men’s A grade category is only open to riders meeting at least one of the following criteria: 

      • Riders that are registered with either a UCI or NRS team in the current season 

      • Riders that have scored the minimum required amount of grading points in Elite B grade  

      • Riders that have scored SERIES points in Elite A grade in the last two years 

      • Riders that have sought and been given approval by AusCycling 

      Riders who enter without meeting one of the criteria may be moved to B grade.  

      1. NRS registered riders must compete in A Grade*. Masters-aged male riders that are registered with a NRS team in 2022 cannot compete in the Masters category.    

      *Exemptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.  

      Categories may be combined if there are fewer than 20 entries in any one category.  Any category combination will occur from lowest to highest (e.g. C with B).  Where categories are combined individuals entered in the lost category will be awarded series points for their category (e.g. the first C Grade rider will still receive C Grade points). When categories are combined, the distance requirement of the lower category shall be observed.

      Series events will have a maximum set of 75 riders per grade (excluding Tour of Bright which has a limit of 100) this may be changed further subject to risk assessment and traffic management. Cycling Victoria has final discretion in regard to the field size. 

      In the case that the maximum field size is met, SERIES teams will be given priority, followed by ad-hoc teams, then the entry processes will be on a first in, first served basis. This excludes the Tour of Bright which follows the current priority list:

      1. Registered teams (VRS, NRS, UCI)
      2. Riders who have competed in two or more Series races in 2022
      3. Open to everyone else

      At the start of the year riders will have the right to query their grade, however after the first event it will not change based on the type of course (e.g. hilly vs flat) unless it is changed by AusCycling. 

      Riders who haven’t raced in a Series event before MUST submit as much information as possible to support the handicapping when entering on EntryBoss. 

      In most cases riders may be upgraded upon achieving a certain amount of grading points (see Grading Table) during the year. Grading points accrued in 2021 based on last year’s regulations will be carried over to 2022, points from 2020 will no longer be included.  

      Grade changes  

      Riders may still be upgraded upon achieving the requisite grading points during the season.  



      5-9 Starters 

      10-24 Starters 

      25-49 Starters

      50+ Starters






      Only races that are part of the events within the Victorian Road Series (current season) will be used as part of the grading points. No grading points will be awarded for any other open, interstate or club and combine events. Grading points will be accumulated for every single stage as well as the overall classification at the end of an event.  

      Riders who score the amount of points in the left column can choose whether they want to move up a grade or stay in their grade until they score the number of points required for a mandatory upgrade. 

      The following table will be used for determining points need to upgrade:  


      Eligible for upgrade 

      Mandatory upgrade 

      C grade to B grade 


      25 points 

      B grade to A grade 

      20 points 

      45 points 

      The updated grading list will be posted on the Series within a week after each event. 

      • AusCycling reserves the right to upgrade (and downgrade) riders at their discretion anytime. This especially applies to riders who haven’t scored the necessary amount of grading points yet but clearly outperform in their category.   

      • A rider that is upgraded during the season will retain a third of their Series points from the previous grade (rounded up to the next whole number) to the next ability category. Grading points are not carried to the next category. 

      • Riders who are members of a registered NRS team are automatically moved to A-grade.  

      • Riders may request to be downgraded if they are clearly outperformed in their category independently from the terrain.  

      • Riders (incl. first year J19 riders) that have not scored enough points yet to be promoted may be allowed to enter and race in A grade if they meet one of the following criteria: 

        • earned selection to an Institute/Academy of Sport within the National Institute Network or; 

        • finished amongst the top-5 in the National Championship Road Race in their category or; 

        • finished amongst the top-3 in the National Championship Time Trial in their category or; 

        • are registered with a NRS/UCI team or; 

        • received approval from AusCycling 

      PLEASE NOTE: Any grading inquiries during the year need to be sent in writing to the following email address: [email protected]   

      Riders the recognised Graded categories who meet the Series Qualification requirements and finish in the below mentioned placings will receive the following prizing:




      1st Place


      1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place

      Riders the Masters categories who meet the Series Qualification requirements and finish in the below-mentioned placings will receive the following prizing:




      1st Place


      1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place

      The 2022 VRS offers riders with the opportunity to race and/or score points as part of a registered team.  

      VRS points scored by registered team riders as outlined in the Points section will count towards the 2022 VRS Teams Competition.

      Series Teams 

      Series Teams are made up of up to 20 riders from the same or different VRS categories. The minimum number of riders is three (3), the maximum number is twenty (20). 

      Any rider that is registered with a 2022 Victorian Series Team can score points towards the 2022 VRS Teams Competition at any VRS round if: 

      • They are part of the Event’s Team in their respective category or if 

      • They are riding as an individual and their team has not entered an Event’s Team* 

      *If a team enters an Event Team (3-5 riders) at an event, additional individual riders of that same team cannot score points towards the 2022 VRS Teams Competition.  

      Series points scored by riders that are racing as a member of the team (max. 5) at an event will count toward the overall 2022 VRS Teams Competition.  

      Event Teams (3-5 riders) 

      Event teams are made up of registered riders of the same team and the same VRS category. The minimum number of riders is three (3), the maximum number is five (5). Teams can change their Event Team roster from event to event.  

      Any team entering 3 or more riders of the same VRS category at an event must nominate their Event Team roster by using the team entry link of the respective event (this can be done by entering the whole team at once or by riders entering and paying individually). 

      All members of an Event Team must wear their registered team jersey.  

      Teams entering more than 5 riders of the same VRS category at an event, must enter the additional riders that are not part of the Event Team roster as individuals using the individual entry link of the respective event.  

      Additional riders can wear the same or different apparel as the Event Team riders and MUST NOT collude with the Event Team. Teams breaching this rule may be fined or disqualified of the event.  

      Riders that are part of the Event Team: 

      • Compete for the team’s classification in their VRS category at the event. The team’s classification at all events is based on UCI rule 2.3.044.  

      • Can score points towards the 2022 VRS Teams Competition 

      Team Registration

      Teams must register their 2022 Series Team before entering their first event via the following Entryboss listing: Victorian Series Team Registration 2022 - EntryBoss 

      The following fee structure applies to Series (Event) registration: 

      • $50 per participant 

      The registration as a Series team offers the following benefits:  

      • Priority entry at all events (if entered before cut-off) 

      • Automatic annual registration of sponsored apparel (up to 20 riders per team) 

      • Eligibility to score points toward the overall Series Team Competition 

      • Eligibility to enter Event Teams and compete for the teams classification at all VRS events 

      • All registered riders will be listed with their team name (even if they ride as individuals) 

      NRS Teams

      2022 registered NRS teams do not need to register as a Series Team as their roster is already on file. However, they must register as an Event Team using the team entry link if more than 2 riders compete at an event or else they won’t be eligible for the teams classification at the event.   

      NRS teams looking at registering two separate Series Teams can do so under the following conditions: 

      • The separate Series Team rosters need to be submitted before the first event via email to [email protected]  

      • The teams must have different names such as ‘Team X white’ and ‘Team X black’.  

      • Riders cannot be swapped between these teams during the year.  

      • The teams are required to wear a different set of team kit that can be clearly distinguished by other riders and officials. 

      • Riders of one team must not collude with another team during any point of the Series. Teams who breach this rule may be fined or disqualified.  

      Additional Team Regulations

      1. Series Teams can have up to 15 riders compete in the event in the same VRS category. Riders that are not part of the Event Team will be riding as individuals and MUST NOT collude with the team during the race. Teams who breach this rule may be fined or disqualified from the event.  

      1. Additional Series Team riders racing as individuals cannot score points toward the 2022 VRS Teams Competition.  

      1. Riders can only be registered for one (1) team at any time.  

      1. Registered Series Team riders may transfer to a different Series Team during the season at any time. A rider who has transferred must not return to his original team or transfer to another team for the remainder of the year. Points that have been scored for the old Series Team will not be carried over to the new team.   

      1. Event Teams may have up to one guest rider per event compete for their team providing the rider is not a member of another registered Series or NRS Team. A guest rider may be from a lower grade and may only ‘guest ride’ for one team throughout the year at maximum one event.  

      For each round of the Series the Host will provide the awards. Information pertaining to the exact awards being issued for each round will be outlined in the round specific Technical Guide.

      ·         All events will be conducted in accordance with the AusCycling Technical Regulations:

      o   General

      o   Road

      ·         This Series is only open to members of AusCycling who have an All Discipline membership and are aged in the recognised categories.

      ·         Participants in all events must be current AusCycling All Discipline Members.

      ·         Interstate Participation is encouraged in the series. These individuals will be provided a grade upon their first event entry. They are required to provide proof of their ability level at the time of event registration.

      ·         As any event conducted on open roads, all bicycles must have an appropriate red light fitted and operating on either the seat post or right rear seat stay of their bike. The light (solid, not flashing) must be operational during the entire event and visible from 200 metres to the rear.

      ·         The red-light policy applies to any time trial or road race held on open roads.

      ·         Riders need to start and complete each stage to continue in the race. An exemption may be made at the discretion of the event organiser and President of the Commissaire Panel in case of mechanical mishaps or crashes (if rider needs medical treatment or bike is unrideable). Riders who are allowed back in the race for the following stage(s) will either be placed last with the slowest time of the stage or will appear as DNF in both the stage and General Classification.

      ·         The use of time trial specific equipment is generally allowed at all time trial events unless mentioned otherwise and must comply with UCI rules. AusCycling reserves the right to conduct random bike checks before or after a race. Riders that fail to pass the pre-race check will need to either race on a different, compliant bike or they will be given a time penalty.

      ·         Time Trial start intervals may vary depending on the event organiser and race schedule.

      ·         Seeding in each category will be based on the current (last year’s for event 1) Series standings even if the time trial is not run as stage 1 with the highest ranked rider starting last etc. Riders who haven’t scored any Series points may be seeded in alphabetical or any other random order.


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