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State Time Trial Series | Victoria

The Victorian Time Trial Series is a critical part of the Road Competition Structure.

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      Victorian Time Trial Series

      Any participant who scores points in an event will qualify for placing within the series.

      The following process will be used for the allocation of points towards the 2022 Victorian Time Trial Series:

      Last ranked rider in each grade = 1 point, 2nd last rider = 2 points, etc. 

      1. Points will be awarded for each event in the series as outlined above. 

      1. Individuals will be able to accumulate points for their own ranking by placing at each event. Riders who DNF or are DQ are not eligible for points.   

      1. Upgraded riders will retain 1/3 of their points (rounded)

      Bonus Points

      The top 3 rider in each grade are awarded bonus points as follows: 1st placed rider = 5 points, 2nd placed rider = 3 points, 3rd placed rider = 1 point. 

      Tie Break

      When competitors share the same number of total series points ties will be broken using the following method: 

      • The highest finish in any round;
      • If still tied, the riders will receive the same series placing.

      Series Standings

      2022 Final Standings after Round 4

      The following categories will be run as part of each Series event:   

      • Men and Women U15, U17, A, B, C and Non-Aero
      • Para-cycling (Factors)

      Event organisers are free to add additional categories. AusCycling reserves the right to trial additional categories at certain events. These categories will not be eligible for Series Points.   

      Time Trial start intervals may vary depending on the event organiser and race schedule.  Seeding of the top 10 riders in each category will be based on the current (last year’s for event 1) series standings with top ranked riders generally starting last.

      Start order of categories: Non-series categories, Women U15, Men U15, Women U17, Men U17, Women Non-Aero, Men Non-Aero, Para-cycling, Women C, Men C, Women B, Men B, Women A, Men A. 

      The start order of categories and/or within a category may be altered for safety and/or fairness purposes.  

      Series Eligibility

      Riders wishing to participate in the Victorian Time Trial Series require: an AusCycling Race All Discipline or Lifestyle Membership

      Interstate participation is encouraged in the series and riders are eligible for series awards.

      All series categories are open to riders born in 2005 and before.  

      Bike Requirements

      Unless stated otherwise, all events require riders and equipment to comply with the AusCycling Technical Regulations. 

      Men and Women non-Aero categories: bikes have to comply with road race regulations (no disc wheels, clip-on bars etc.).

      At the start of the year, riders will have the right to query their grade, however, after the first event, it will not change based on the type of course (e.g. hilly vs flat) unless it is changed by AusCycling. 

      Riders who haven’t raced in a Series event before MUST submit as much information as possible to support the handicapping when entering on EntryBoss. 

      Grade changes  


      PLEASE NOTE: Any grading inquiries please contact: [email protected]   

      Riders the recognised categories who meet the Series Qualification requirements and finish in the below mentioned placings will receive the following prizing:




      1st Place


      1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place

      Series awards will be presented at the 2023 Bay Crits on 2 January 2023. All placegetters will receive further details in due course. 

      For each round of the Series the Host will provide the awards. Information pertaining to the exact awards being issued for each round will be outlined in the round-specific Technical Guide.

      ·         All events will be conducted in accordance with the AusCycling Technical Regulations:

      o   General

      o   Road

      ·         This Series is only open to members of AusCycling who have an All Discipline membership and are aged in the recognised categories.

      ·         Participants in all events must be current AusCycling All Discipline Members.

      ·         Interstate Participation is encouraged in the series. These individuals will be provided a grade upon their first event entry. They are required to provide proof of their ability level at the time of event registration.

      ·         The red-light policy applies to any time trial or road race held on open roads.

      ·        Individual entries for all events will be taken via ENTRYBOSS.  

      Entries generally open approx. four weeks prior to the event. Entries close at midnight on the Wednesday prior to the event.    

      Important: All late entry requests and general entry inquiries need to be sent to [email protected]   

      Riders can scratch (with a full refund) from a race via Entryboss until entries close. A refund after the registration cut-off can be granted if a rider provides a medical certificate within 7 days of the event. Refunds for other reasons may be granted and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  

      2021 AusCycling State Time Trial Series - Victoria Results 

      Final Standings

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