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AusCycling is committed to the ongoing support and development of our expansive club network of over 450 clubs nationwide. 

This page is designed to provide clubs with a range of tool, resources and information to effectively manage your club.

Be sure to check-back regularly, as information will constantly be added and updated.

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As a new entity, it's important the AusCycling brand is treated with integrity and utilised in accordance with the AusCycling Brand Style Guide.

AusCycling Affiliated Clubs may use the AusCycling logo in accordance with the Brand Style Guide to promote their affiliation, sanctioned events, or on club clothing/kit.

If you're unsure as to whether the use of the AusCycling logo is appropriate, require a vector file, or have any questions regarding which logo is correct to use, please email [email protected] 


AusCycling Logo on Club & Registered Team Kits


JPEG Logo Type


PNG Logo Type (transparent background)



The files below are updates to the Australian Mountain Bike Trail Guidelines since the initial publication, and include templates and resources to be used in conjunction with the publication.


MTB TRDS Symbols

Check out our downloadable and editable flyers. 

For information on the 4 Week Trial - Click HERE.

National - BMX (Editable)

National - MTB (Editable)

National - PARA (Editable)

National - ROAD (Editable)

National - TRACK (Editable)

Do your club details require updating?

You can now submit your requests through our online Club Update Details Form and our Member Services Team will be pleased to assist.

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To make updating your club’s constitution easier, AusCycling has provides a template constitution that can be tailored to your club’s needs.  The template can be used in any State or Territory and includes yellow comment boxes which explain some of the choices clubs have in deciding how the template will apply to their club.  If clubs wish to depart from the template, please seek information from your State/Territory regulator before making changes as there are certain matters that must be included for the relevant regulator to accept a club’s constitution.


Veterans Clubs

We have prepared a separate template for use by Veterans Clubs.  Before adopting a constitution based on this template, clubs should be confirm that their activities fit within the exceptions to age anti-discrimination legislation in their State/Territory and Federally.  We have provided an overview of the age anti-discrimination legislation throughout Australia and exceptions that may apply to veterans cycling clubs.


Scammers are increasingly targeting Facebook pages to lure unsuspecting followers into giving up their credit card or identity details, or worse.

This guide will attempt to address three types of scams commonly found on the platform, and what to do if they are discovered:

AusCycling utilise Marsh for our comprehensive Insurance Program.

To learn more about what's covered, to download your club's Certificate of Currency (CoC), or to make a claim, visit the V-Insurance Portal:

Marsh Portal | AusCycling National Insurance Program

EntryBoss has developed a comprehensive online entry management system for cycling as well as other services for the management of competitive sporting and other events. Whilst clubs may choose other systems, AusCycling has partnered with EntryBoss to ensure automation of sanctioning, handicapping, membership verification, and participation reporting for the sport of cycling. The service is in use by hundreds of clubs and race organisers across Road, Track, CX, MTB, and other sporting disciplines. Specialist BMX enhancements are in development and will be released shortly.

EntryBoss’s main aim is to save race organisers time, and allow all clubs to present professionally when hosting races - regardless of their size or IT capability. All the advanced features developed over the last five years of operation are immediately available to all AusCycling-affiliated clubs, such as managing waitlists, automatic categorisation by capability & age group, auto-numbering, one-click preparation of start lists, managing cancelled events, through to feeding external services such as timing & scoring systems, or reporting to governing bodies, and much more besides.

EntryBoss is authorised for real-time verification of AusCycling memberships (and historic/legacy memberships from CA, MTBA and BMXA during transition). EntryBoss is an authorised channel for temporary membership sales, and is a recommended means for race organisers to obtain event sanctioning and incorporate their events into the AusCycling national calendar.

This feature set continues to grow in collaboration with AusCycling, with EntryBoss continuing to deliver on the roadmap and slated to introduce more compelling features in the coming months.

A variety of commercial options are available depending on your event size and needs, and pricing is highly competitive. EntryBoss is affordable for the smallest of clubs. For some event types, such as training events, there may be no EntryBoss fee at all. The average EntryBoss fee is 63c per entrant. Payment card fees are passed on at no extra cost (currrently 1.2% + 30c per transaction). AusCycling clubs are also automatically included into a discount scheme, originally negotiated by Cycling Australia, which carries over into the unified authority.

EntryBoss has been in use for some time by event organisers and clubs.  However, if you haven’t used EntryBoss before and wish to create an account, please contact click on the link below to set up your account and commence the on-boarding process. If you are currently using EntryBoss for your events, you can continue as you currently do.

Request Club Admin Access to EntryBoss

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