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Para-Cycling Classification

Para-cycling supports events for cyclists with a range of impairments.  Classification is the process of grouping athletes into classes so that cyclists compete against others with a similar level of function.

Para-cycling events occur on standard bikes, tandems (with a vision-impaired rider on the back), trikes (for cyclists with a balance impairment), kneeling and recumbent handcycles (for cyclists with lower limb weakness), adaptive Mountain Bikes. 


This information is intended to be a generic guide to classification for Para-Cycling. 

The classification of athletes is performed by authorised classifiers according to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) classification rules for the following categories: Cyclist (C), Tandem (T), Bicycles (B), Handicycles (H)

Trained classifiers assess an athlete using the UCI classification rules to determine the following: 

Does the athlete have an eligible impairment type?

An athlete must have a permanent eligible impairment type and provide medical documentation detailing their diagnosis and health condition. 

 Does the athlete meet the minimum impairment criteria for the sport?

Specific criteria applied to each sport to determine if a person’s impairment results in sufficient limitation in their sport. This is called the minimum impairment criteria.

What is the appropriate class to allocate the athlete for competition?

Classes are detailed in the classification rules for the sport and a classifier determines the class an athlete will compete in. 

Athletes with a physical impairment:

Classification in Australia is managed by AusCycling.  

To apply for classification or to check your eligibility, please download this request for Classification form below:

Athletes with intellectual impairment:

We encourage you to contact Sport Inclusion Australia

Athletes with intellectual impairment:

We encourage you to contact Deaf Sports Australia

Transplant Athletes

We encourage you to contact Transplant Australia

Sport Inclusion Australia ( is the National Sporting Organisation for athletes with an integration difficulties, primarily those with an intellectual disability.  

Deaf Sports Australia ( is the national governing body of Deaf Sports in Australia. AusCycling invites all athletes with classifiable impairments to compete at National Championships.

Transplant Australia is the governor of transplant sports in Australia and a partner of the Sport Australia, they see it as our role to provide transplant recipients with fun and accessible sporting options.

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