2024 AusCycling Masters and Junior Road National Championships

Event Type

National Championships

Loxton, South Australia

The 2024 AusCycling Masters and Juniors Road National Championships are
proudly supported by the District Council of Loxton Waikerie.


Wednesday 18th September - Rider Registration
4:00pm - 8:00pm
The Precinct - 25 Bookpurnong Rd, Loxton
Junior State Team Meeting: 6:00pm 
Masters Event Information: 7:00pm
Commissaire Meeting: 7:30pm

Thursday 19th September - Time Trial
Juniors: 9:00am - 11:30am
Masters: 12:00pm - 3:30pm

Friday 20th September - Road Race
U15 Boys   35kms (2 laps)   9:00am
U15 Girls    35kms (2 laps)   9:02am
U17 Boys   65kms (5 laps)   10:40am
U17 Girls    65kms (5 laps)   10: 42am
WMAS 1-3  65kms (5 laps)  1:00pm
WMAS 4-5  65kms (5 laps)  1:02pm
MMAS 1     76kms (6 laps)   2:50pm
MMAS 2     76kms (6 laps)   2:52pm 

Saturday 21st September - Road Race
WMAS 6-9   55kms (4 laps)  9:00am
MMAS 6      55kms (4 laps)  11:00am
MMAS 7      55kms (4 laps)  11:02am
MMAS 8-10 55kms (4 laps)  11:04am
MMAS 3      65kms (5 laps)  1:30pm
MMAS 4      65kms (5 laps)  1:32pm
MMAS 5      65kms (5 laps)  1:34pm

Sunday 22nd September - Criterium
U15 Girls       20 mins + 2 laps    7:30am
U15 Boys      20 mins + 2 laps    8:00am
U17 Girls       25 mins + 2 laps    8:30am
U17 Boys      25 mins + 2 laps    9:05am
WMAS 5-8    25 mins + 2 laps    9:45am
WMAS 1-4    35 mins + 2 laps   10:25am
MMAS 1        35 mins + 2 laps   11:10am
MMAS 9-10   25 mins + 2 laps   12:00pm
MMAS 8        25 mins + 2 laps   12:35pm
MMAS 7        25 mins + 2 laps   1:10pm
MMAS 6        30 mins + 2 laps   1:45pm
MMAS 5        30 mins + 2 laps   2 :25pm
MMAS 4        35 mins + 2 laps   3:10pm 
MMAS 3        35 mins + 2 laps   4:00pm
MMAS 2        35 mins + 2 laps   4:50pm

CLICK HERE to enter each event. 

Note: Riders can scratch and refund their own entry via their own EntryBoss account prior to the closing of entries. 

Start Lists and Results can be found HERE (when produced)

Membership and Eligibility Requirements

Open to riders who are current Junior: J15, J17 and Masters: WMAS1-10 and MMAS 1-10 and hold an AusCycling All Discipline members licence. 

International riders who have a UCI licence are permitted to participate but are not eligible for the national Champion Jersey. 

INDIVIDUAL Junior entries MUST have previously raced in a road race or criterium State or Territory Championships in 2024.am

Note: Temporary/day memberships will NOT be accepted. Please contact the AusCycling membership team ([email protected]) if you need to upgrade or review your membership.

TT Course

Time Trial - Ride with GPS Link


RR Course

Road Race - Ride with GPS Link


Crit Course

Criterium - Ride with GPS Link

GPX Files:

GPX files can be downloaded via the Ride with GPS links.

Click on 'More' and 'Export as File':


Event Technical Guide is available HERE

The Technical Guide is in draft format until the week prior to the event. 

Any major amendments to the Technical Guide will be provided below:

Currently no changes have been made.



Following the updated UCI Regulations on Jan 1 2023 there has been a change to the regulations around Time Trial Height Exemption Information. This information is located on AusCycling Website under AusCycling | Officials | Resources

If you're a rider 180-189cm or 190cm+ and you have a UCI ID, you MUST ensure you complete the require documentation and processes with the UCI prior to the event. When emailing the UCI with your documentation, please also include [email protected] to ensure we have also a copy of your application on file.

If you're a rider 180-189cm or 190cm+ and DO NOT have a UCI ID, you MUST complete the required documentation and return to [email protected] prior to the event.

If you are interested in officiating or volunteering for this event, please email [email protected] and put your name down. 

CLICK HERE to search for accommodation in Loxton


Jeff Corbett - [email protected] 

Adam Power - [email protected] 


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