World-first: Para BMX added to National Championships


This December, Tasmania will host its first BMX Racing National Championships since 2002. But the event will be historic for a different reason: they’ll be the first national championships in the world to include Para BMX.

Para BMX will be contested for C5 to C1, intellectual impairment, deaf and transplant categories. The competition will be Open Wheel (20-inch and 24-inch) and split into two age groups: 8–13 and 14+.

The 2022 AusCycling BMX Racing National Championships will be held in Launceston, Tasmania and include Para BMX

Similar to other cycling disciplines, the championships will be determined using a classification factor, meaning all competitors will race together and standings will be determined using a factor.

Riders will be able to compete in both the Para BMX category and their age category.



C5 Men, Deaf, Transplant


C4 Men


C3 Men, Intellectual Impairment


C2 Men


C5 Women


C4 Women


C3 Women


C2 Women


C1 Women


BMX rider Craig Austin has been involved in the sport for 27 years. He started at Shepparton BMX Club and has become a constant figure in the Victorian BMX scene.

Austin, who is a person of short stature, has been racing his entire life and says he will continue to do so in his age group.

Austin said the inclusion of Para BMX categories is a hugely important step.

“The introduction of this category means a lot more people will get involved in the sport,” Austin said.

“There are a lot of people who have wanted to try the sport for a while, and this category means they can try it.”

Kipp Kaufmann, Executive General Manager of Sport at AusCycling, said he was excited to introduce Para BMX to the championships and make the growing sport more accessible to everyone.

“Ensuring access and inclusion to all cycling disciplines is critical for AusCycling,” Kaufmann said.

“As BMX continues to become more and more popular, individuals of all ages and abilities have become interested in participating.

“With the first-ever Para-cycling BMX classification at this year’s championships, we hope the reduction in barriers to the sport will allow new people to try BMX and be recognised.”

Entries are now open for all classes. Click to enter the 2022 AusCycling BMX Racing National Championships and pre-championships.

2022 AusCycling BMX Racing National Championships

Proudly supported by Events Tasmania and the City of Launceston.

Location: Launceston, Tasmania

Date: Monday, November 21 – Sunday, November 27

Host: Launceston BMX Club

For event information, visit the 2022 AusCycling BMX Racing National Championships event page.

For more information on Para BMX, view the AusCycling Para-cycling Technical Regulations.

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