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Update 28/5/22: Due to adverse weather at the end of day 1, the Under 11 Girls Criterium will now be held 9:30am on Sunday morning.

Port Macquarie Cycling Club in conjunction with AusCycling is once again hosting the annual Junior two-day tour later this month on 28th and 29th May on the Burrawan Forrest State Drive Circuit situated on the western side of the Pacific Highway around 5 kilometres south of the doughnut. The event will attract hundreds of participants and supporters from throughout New South Wales.

The Port Macquarie club hosts a long history of hosting top level race events in the Hastings Region, also producing world level cyclists, Lauren Kitchen, Morton brothers Angus and Lachlan are just a few that have become household names in many areas of the globe.

The Percival Property - Port Macquarie 2 Day junior tour is a mini version of the famous Tour De France and caters for junior riders throughout NSW and Queensland. This type of event is considered by many to be where young riders gain knowledge and experience to assist them with their future cycling endeavours.

The 2022 2-day tour will be the 20th running of the event and is offering three stages over the 2 days including on Saturday, an Individual Time Trial and criterium race, Sunday is the road race event.

General Information

  • Racing will take place from the Port Macquarie Cycling Clubhouse on both days location here
  • There will be parking available in the designated area at the event. Volunteers will direct people to the correct area. All vehicles MUST park in the designated Car Park area (there will be no exceptions)
  • Due to recent above average rainfall: Carparks are wet and muddy. Please consider this when parking so you do not get bogged
  • If you have special parking requirements please make arrangements prior to event by emailing: [email protected] 
  • Toilets and change rooms are available underneath the Clubhouse
  • A canteen will be operating across the event selling hot and cold food and cold beverages
  • Coffee van will be on site both days from early morning until around lunchtime
  • Do not drink the tank water from the Club House
  • Riders must obey all road rules at all times
  • Riders be aware of some uneven surfaces on road course due to the recent rain and flooding
  • Limited neutral spares will be available
  • Presentations to be held at the sign-on area downstairs outside the Club House after the conclusion of each race

Event Program

Please note schedule is tentative and will be confirmed when entry numbers are finalised

Saturday 28 May 2022

Individual Time Trial Stage

 8:00am Sign On opens PMCC Club House
 8:45am Rollout opens. U9-U11 priority      
 9:00am Individual Time Trial U9-U11 Criterium Track - 3.2km (4 laps)
 9:30am Individual Time Trial U13 Course 7 - 6.25km
 9:45am  Individual Time Trial U15 Course 1 - 8.2km
 10:00am Individual Time Trial U17 Course 4e - 13.5km

U13, U15 and U17 time trials will start from the Northern Gate.


U9-U11 Road Race Stage

 11:00am JG11 Road Race Criterium Track  10 laps - 8km
 11:20am  JB11 Road Race Criterium Track  10 laps - 8km


U13-U17 Criterium Stage

NB: All Criterium start times approximate, please arrive well before your start time 

Course: Criterium Track

 12:15pm Rollout Open 
 12:30pm U13 15min + 3 laps
 1:05pm JM15 20min + 3 laps
 1:35pm JW15 20min + 3 laps
 2:05pm JM17 25min + 3 laps
 2:40pm JW17 25min + 3 laps

Presentations for ITT and Criteriums take place upon completion of each criterium

U9-U11 Criterium Stage


 JB1110min + 3 laps
 3:45pm JG1110min + 3 laps
4:10pmU9-U11U9-U11 Presentations (Club House)


Sunday 29 May 2022

U13-U17 Road Race Stage

 8:00am U13 16.4km (2 laps) Course 1
 8:50am JM15 39.6km (3 laps) Course 4e
 8:55am JW15 39.6km (3 laps) Course 4e
 9:15am U13 Presentations Club House
 10:30am JM17 65km (5 laps) Course 4e
 10:50am JW17 56km (4 laps) Course 4e
 11:00am U15 Presentations Club House
 12:45pm U17 Presentations Club House

All Sunday Road Races will be marshalled and neutral start from the Criterium Start/Finish Line. Race will commence riders enter the course from the Southern Gate.


Tour Points Information

  • The Percival Property Junior Tour will be conducted over three stages: Individual Time Trial, Criterium and Road Race.
  • Age categories: U9, JG11, JB11, U13, JW15, JM15, JW17, JM17
  • Points: The winner of each stage will win 20 points, decreasing by 1 points awarded to each subsequent place. All riders finishing 20th or after will receive 1 point.
  • Should there be a tie on points at the conclusion of the Tour, the Individual Time Trial result will be used to break the tie.
  • Riders who do not complete all stages will not be eligible for a General Classification result.
  • Presentations for the overall tour winners will be held at the end of the final stage of each category, as per the schedule above. All riders in the placings must attend the presentation. There is only one presentation held per category, at the end of the final stage as per the schedule above.


Age Categories & Eligibility

  • Age Categories: U9, U11, U13, U15, U17
  • Age Categories for this event are as per 2022 ages effective from 1st October 2021
  • Financial AusCycling 'Race All Discipline' members only. 
  • This event is not open to Temporary or Recreational Memberships

Technical Regulations

Events will be run according to AusCycling Technical Regulations

Food & Coffee

  • Port Macquarie CC will have a canteen 
  • Coffee Van will be on site all day selling drinks and cakes


The event will proceed as planned unless the conditions are deemed to be unsafe by the Race Organiser and Chief Commissaire on the day of the event.


By entering my child into this event, I, as the child’s parent or guardian.

  • Acknowledge that photographs and videos of my child may be taken during the event; and
  • Give permission for AusCycling and the event promoter to record, keep, publish and display such photographs and videos of my child.

Please note that photographs and videos of competitors may be taken during the event. Please advise AusCycling by e-mail at [email protected] if you do not give permission for the promoter and / or AusCycling to keep, publish and display photographs and videos of your child from this event.


Start List & ResultsCourse 1: U15 ITT, U13 Road RaceCourse 4e: U17 ITT, U15-U17 RRCourse 7: U13 ITTNSW/ACT Junior Road Series Standings

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