Frequently Asked Questions

To find out what level (Gear) your child be registered for, check out this overview.

Gear Selection

Absolutely! The AusBike Program helps kids progress from beginner to expert by taking them through different levels (or ‘Gears’) using fun and interactive activities. 

Absolutely! The AusBike program is suitable for children with no riding experience. AusBikers will be grouped by experience level and will practice the skills in each of the ‘Gears’ to master them, before progressing to the next Gear.

AusBikers will learn how to ride safely, the basics of bike handling and maneuvering, how to ride across different surfaces and terrains, as well as some new skills and tricks to show off at home.

Yes, AusBikers should bring their own bikes and helmets so they become really comfortable using their own gear. This will encourage them to keep practicing their skills and to take on more challenging rides outside of the sessions. 

All AusBike centres will have a few spares, so AusBikers can maximise their time ‘on bike’ in sessions, rather than dealing with any issues. 

AusBikers should also wear closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing. Any safety equipment, such as elbow and knee pads, are optional. 

Bikes should be in good working condition and fit your child properly. Make sure your kid’s feet can touch the ground when sitting on the bike, so they feel comfortable and safe on two wheels. 

Road safety and safety awareness is key to kids (and parents) spending more time on bikes. And so is having fun! The AusBike program delivers on both of these. AusBike takes bike education to the next level where kids learn more than what to do around traffic, they learn HOW to do it so they have the skills and confidence to ride safely. AusBike is the national program that will help get kids back on their bikes.

Absolutely, each of the levels or ‘Gears’ is focused on progressing riders skills to build their confidence and allow them to control their bike and ride safely in a variety of environments. Riders will learn U-turns, Look-backs, Hand signals and the skills required to stop, start and corner which are all essential skills to learn on the bike when riding in locations around traffic.

We encourage parents to stick around and observe the session. But try to let the instructors handle the teaching and coaching.

Registrations for Term 4 programs open on 28 August 2023. Registrations will close after week 2 of the AusBike program at your centre.

AusBike is designed to run in line with the school term in your State/Territory at most centres. Depending on the program type and State/Territory, registration start dates can operate at different times and may not be available just yet. Head to and see 'Find a Centre' to search for your nearest centre and start dates.

The length of the program can vary depending on your centre. Camp programs can be offered as an intensive or may run across a few days to a week. Local centres will offer term blocks which can vary from 6 - 8 weeks. 

The time varies between programs and centres, typically you can expect a session to run for 45-60 minutes.

AusBike is currently $15 per session, though cost may vary by centre.

AusBike is delivered in term blocks and we encourage families to commit to one term. Depending on your centre, term blocks may be 6 - 8 weeks. 

AusBike is currently available through a number of delivery partners - your local Cycling Club, Belgravia Leisure Centres as well as some private providers. All coaches have gone through our AusCycling accreditation program. The network of delivery partners will be expanded as the program is rolled out nationally. 

If you are interested in becoming a delivery partner, we’d love to hear from you. Email your enquiry through to [email protected]

AusBike registration is a flat fee for the defined number of weeks of the program. Unfortunately, there is no reduction or refund for missed sessions.

All states and territories (except for the ACT) provide Government Vouchers to help ensure participation in kids' sport is affordable for all families. You can definitely use yours when registering for AusBike, providing your AusBike Centre is registered to accept vouchers. To find out more and check if your Centre is registered, search Sport Voucher Information on your State or Territory Government website. You can also email [email protected]. And be sure to have your details handy before you hit 'submit', as we can't enter vouchers after registration has been completed.

Registration Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble logging into your account you can contact the registration platform provider on 1800 734 669 or email [email protected]

Yes absolutely! If you are registering more than one child, you can do this in one transaction, under one account.

You can pay for AusBike online via credit or debit card at the end of the registration process. AusBike centres are not set up to accept cash payments directly.

As part of signing up to an AusBike progressive program, all participants will obtain an AusCycling profile on TidyHQ and the membership associated on their profile will display ‘AusBike Program Only – Lifestyle – Annual’ along with the associated club (if applicable). This membership provides third party public liability and personal accident insurance for AusBikers during AusBike activities only.

As always, our friendly member services team is available to assist you with any questions you might have in relation to what’s covered or not depending on the nature of the activity involved. 

To view the AusCycling and AusBike National Insurance program please click here

If you have any enquiries regarding membership or insurance please reach out to our friendly team by completing this form.


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