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Host an Event | Private Event Organisers

Event Organisers (‘Private Promoters’) are critical in the delivery of events to our members. These companies provide a critical delivery agent to providing riding and racing experiences for AusCycling members.

AusCycling is committed to making sure that any rider has a safe and enjoyable experience in an AusCycling registered event.

AusCycling requires any event organiser that we work with meet a minimum standard of delivery and planning. 

Specially AusCycling will register and sanction three (3) categories of events.

  • Races
  • Mass Participation
  • School & Kids Competitions

AusCycling supports our event organisers through several areas including:

Insurance: The provision of insurance to the event organiser and the participants, including Public Liability (for the event organiser and the participants), Professional Indemnity, and Personal Accident Insurance.

Event Marketing: Leveraging AusCycling marketing assets/channels to promote the event and increase participant numbers.

Training, Development and Resources: AusCycling conducts training, information sessions and provides day-today support for event organisers as well as providing documentation and audio-visual resources to assist event delivery.

Entry Systems: The provision of entry systems that make the organising of events easier.



Private organisers can complete your approval application using the appropriate form below.  Please choose the form based on the level of approval that is being sought.

National Event Application Form

ACT Event Application Form

NSW Event Application Form

NT Event Application Form

QLD Event Application Form

SA Event Application Form

TAS Event Application Form

VIC Event Application Form

WA Event Application Form

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