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Queensland Cyclo-Cross State Series

  • The key objectives of the Queensland State CX Series are:
  • To provide an underpinning series of events to the National CX Series
  • To provide a calendar of events which are of high interest to various levels of participants
  • To raise the standard of competition amongst Queensland’s cyclists
  • Increase the geographic spread of Cyclo-Cross

All entries will close at Midnight - Thursday before the event.

EventDateVenuePromoterEntry Portal | Start List
2022 AusCycling QLD State Series Round 1Sun, 20 March 2022NundahHamilton Whs

Cancelled due to Flooding

2022 AusCycling QLD State Series Round 2Sat, 9 April 2022Brisbane ShowgroundRATSResults
2022 AusCycling QLD State Series Round 3Mon, 2 May 2022TBCDRCCResults
2022 AusCycling QLD State Series Round 4Sat, 28 May 2022Ipswich Cycle ParkIpswich CCResults
2022 AusCycling QLD State Series Round 5Sun, 17 July 2022KaringalRATS CCResults
2022 AusCycling QLD State ChampionshipsSun, 14 Aug 2022Ipswich Cycle ParkIpswich CCEntry Portal

National Series Event - Hosted by DRCC June 18th & 19th 2022

SERIES POINTS - Final 2022

Updated Grading List 30 May 2022

State Championship
No Series Points allocated 

Series Eligibility

  • Age categories in the 2022 Series are defined by the rider’s age on December 31st 2023
  • Riders in all categories must present a current and appropriate 2022 race membership.
  • Riders must be an AusCycling Race Member (Off -Road or All Disciplines)
  • Interstate Participation is encouraged in the series. These individuals will be provided a grade upon their first event entry. They are required to provide proof of their ability level at the time of event registration.

*Age categories at State Championships in June will defined by the rider’s age on December 31st of 2023. 

Series Points

The following standard points scale will be applied for all series events: 

9th2519th1229th539th349th May 20221

There are no minimum  minimum number of events to qualify for series points. 


The following categories (target race time) must be run as part of each series event:

  • Men A-Grade (60 mins)
  • Men B-Grade (50 mins)
  • Men C-Grade (40 mins)
  • Women A-Grade (50 mins)
  • Women B-Grade (40 mins)
  • Women C-Grade (40 mins) 

Minor alterations on race time may be required based on entries. These changes must be approved by AC in advance of the event. The event organiser is encouraged to run other support events (e.g. Open and Kids). These will not be eligible for series points.


All riders will be graded before their first series event. At the start of the year riders will have the right to query their grade however after the first event it will not change unless it is changed by AusCycling or the change occurs in relation to sections A, B or C in this paragraph. In most instances riders will be upgraded upon achieving a certain amount of grading points (see table below) during the year. No grading points will be carried over from 2021.

  • Riders may be upgraded automatically if their lap times would place them in the top half of a higher category if racing in the same or similar conditions (min.10 riders required in higher grade).
  • Riders may request a downgrade if their lap times (mechanical mishaps excluded) would regularly place them in the bottom half of a lower grade (minimum 10 riders required).
  •  A rider that is upgraded (downgraded) during the season will retain half of the Series points to the next ability category.
  • No mandatory upgrades based on accumulated grading points will be made after the second last Series round. Riders scoring the required upgrading points after the second last or last round will be upgraded before the first round in 2022.
  • Category changes may be made at the discretion of AusCycling anytime. 

Start Order

Unless otherwise mandated by the supplementary series rules, start order will be determined as follows:

  • For the first race of the series, the AusCycling Technical Delegate (CX) will rank the riders one (1) to eight (8) in each category in consultation with the series organisers;
  • They will be followed by the rest of the field by order of registration;
  • In successive events, competitors will be ranked according to overall series standings. Riders who have not earned series points will be randomly seeded behind ranked riders. 

Tyre Width

I.    A Grade is to adhere to UCI Technical Regulations, limiting maximum tyre width to 35mm;
II.    For B and C Grades, maximum tyre width may exceed 35mm.

CX State Series Host Guide - CLICK HERE

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